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    Форум Cайта » Plants & Life » Plants » 10 Drugs You Can Legally Grow Indoors
    10 Drugs You Can Legally Grow Indoors
    Syler_91Date: Sunday, 14.08.2011, 00:00 | Message # 1
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    Fact: you don’t need to break the law to get high.  Mother Nature
    gave us so many "stimulating” plants, that it’s virtually impossible to
    outlaw them all.  If you like losing reality every once in a while, here
    are 10 natural substances that will send you to the moon and not the
    jail cell.

    1. Salvia

    Saliva is unique because it isn’t habit forming, is hallucinogenic…
    and is legal to grow.  The plant is usually dried and smoked (similar to
    marijuana) and when taken makes the user momentarily lose touch with
    reality.  In the states, growing the plant (which is legal) is different
    than using the plant as a drug (which is illegal).  As of this writing
    Florida, Illinois, Delaware, Hawaii, Oklahoma, Virginia, Missouri,
    Nebraska, South Dakota, Kansas, Ohio, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Mississippi
    and North Dakota have laws against its usage.


    2. Calea zacatechichi- Dream Herb

    The dream herb gets its name from of the incredibly vivid dreams that
    users experience.  The Chontal Indians (of Mexico) are known to smoke
    the plant’s leaves just before bedtime as a way of becoming conscious of
    dreaming while still in the dream.  In typical U.S. fashion, the plant
    is legal to grow AND to sell… but illegal to use.

    Source & Source

    3. Hawaiian Baby Woodrose

    Hawaiian Baby Woodrose, also known as Elephant Creeper, is a vine
    that produces hallucinogenic seeds. With preparation, the active
    ingredient (LSA) can be extracted has the same effect as LSD when
    consumed. However, consumption is illegal in the USA while growing the
    vine itself is not.


    4. Kratom

    Kratom is addictive, yet it remains legal to grow and to use.  In
    appearance it resembles a small tress, usually growing up to 15 feet
    tall.  The leaves contain the active ingredient and, unlike many other
    hallucinagenics, the leaves are constantly replaced on the same tree.


    5. Wormwood

    Wormwood emits a poison and can kill if too much is consumed. It’s
    also the primary herb used in absinthe (a stimulant and frequently
    illegal beverage).  The leaves can also be smoked, usually in
    conjunction with marijuana.  And, to this date, wormwood is legal to
    grow virtually anywhere in the world.


    6. Betel Nut

    As a whole, Betel Nut is relatively "soft”.  It induces a mile
    feeling of well being, reduces one’s appetite and isn’t physically
    addictive. The plant is legal to grow and to use, but it only grows in
    tropical or subtropical ecosystems. A variety of indoor growing systems can be used to succesfully grow this plant within your home.


    7. Ayahuasca

    Ayahuasca, or "vine of the dead”, grows freely in the South American
    Amazon and is used by Shamans in healing/cleansing rituals.  The vine,
    which contains DMT as an active ingredient, is brewed with secondary
    plant which contains MAOI and drank for effect.  Growing the vine is
    legal in the US, but extracting the DMT (active ingredient) is against
    the law.


    8. Kava

    Kava (Piper methystucum) is a more recreational drug than manyon this
    list, making the user euphoric and tranquil… and "sociable”. 
    Alleviating depression and anxiety are other beneficial effects.  Kava
    plants, which grow up to 16 feet tall, can be grown and openly sold
    throughout the United States.


    9. Wild Dagga

    Despite the name, wild dagga isn’t very aggressive as far as drugs
    go; the "high” is similar to marijuana.  Beyond smoking it, users also
    extract the active ingredients with alcohol or collect and smoke the
    plants resin (which is similar to hash). Unlike marijuana, wild dagga is
    completely to harvest and consume. It would be relatively easy to use
    an indoor gardening kit to grow this drug in your dorm room/kitchen.


    10. San Pedro Cactus – Trichocereus pachanoi

    San Pedro (trichocereus pachanoi) is used as a religious sacrament by
    various groups that congregate in the Andean mountain region.  The
    active ingredient is mescaline, which distorts vision and gives a
    "kaleidoscope effect”.  The plant is known for its durability, and it
    isn’t illegal to grow in most areas of the world (including the United

    Message edited by Syler_91 - Friday, 12.09.2014, 09:29
    Форум Cайта » Plants & Life » Plants » 10 Drugs You Can Legally Grow Indoors
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