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    Quotes (Andriy Z. - AKA - A. Thorne) ©

    1.    We look to the past and see our memories. We look to the future and see the fantasy. We look to the present and see the struggle; the struggle to get by.
    2.    As a human race we are broken creatures, but we aren't useless.
    3.    As long as you act like a grown up, you still a child.
    4.    Mother nature gives us costumes; society appoints acting roles.
    5.    If we are the creators children and created in his image than we are destined to become creators ourselves.
    6.    There are only two choices in life: control or to be controlled.
    7.    It’s our human instinct to survive at all cost and above all others, and to survive we need to lie.
    8.    The ability to remember is our worst and greatest weakness.
    9.    We dream of utopia, but that utopia does not exist. We live in a world where there is trouble, deceit and corruptness. Fortunately, there are points in history when something beautiful is created, that allows us to escape this terrible world.
    10.    Before we can rise to the top, we need to hit bottom.
    11.    Everyone deserves a second chance, but only one second chance.
    12.    Only by leaving our past behind we can truly create a new beginning.
    13.    To get what you want, you need to give what you love.
    14.    Your enemy today can be your friend tomorrow.
    15.    It's safer to have one friend and one hundred enemies; than one hundred friends and one enemy.
    16.    We become who we pretend to be.
    17.    All of us headed down the same road, but it does not mean that we cannot turn along the way.
    18.    Our only salvation is our destruction.
    19.    Real heroes save body, fictional save soul.
    20.    We dream about the life behind the green hill; someone else dreams about the life in front of that hill.
    21.    People do not change; they adapt.
    22.    Nothing lasts forever; even immortality.
    23.    There was someone at the beginning of the world; there will be someone at the end of it.
    24.    There is only one first-time. First friend, first job, first school, first love, first kiss, first sex, first hero, first everything. The following are shadows of the past experiences.
    25.    We learn when we do something wrong; not right.
    26.    The things that unite us are the things that divide us.
    27.    From nothing we build something. From something we go back to nothing.
    28.    To learn, we have to build our own future; not to use someone else's.
    29.    Only God has the right to judge. But if God doesn't exist than all monsters live unpunished.
    30.    You know nothing; until you have done everything.
    31.    War is overrated; now it's time for peace.
    32.    Don't blame the goose that doesn't lay golden eggs. Blame yourself for believing that the goose can lay golden eggs.
    33.    Best things happen in the spare of the moment; by impulse.
    34.    Life contains an infinite number of little games. You either win or lose.
    35.    Wine is the best cure for the shy soul.
    36.    There are no more happy endings, but there are always happy middle steps.
    37.    Waiting will almost never get you anywhere. In our world good things come to those who screw and bury six feet underground everyone who stands in their way.
    38.    Many say money can't buy happiness, but nobody actually believes it.
    39.    We're born alone, we die alone, but we can always pretend that we don't live alone.
    40.    Only by trying everything, we will regret nothing.
    41.    Life's too short to live out someone else's dreams and hopes.
    42.    By moving forward, we discover new planets, technologies, creatures, medicine. But the price of moving forward is can be too great. We forget our past knowledge; knowledge of the same things, just with different names.
    43.    Man without a song in his heart; is a man with a broken soul.
    44.    We claim to love reality, but we do everything possible to create a fantasy.
    45.    You got to let go of the past, to see the future.
    46.    It’s a big world, with a small stage.
    47.    Every genius has a touch of madness.
    48.    To be happy in life you need to be either book smart or street smart. If you both, you're one lucky s.o.b. If you are neither, better luck in the next life.
    49.    Good song has the power to heal a broken soul. A great song has the power to create utopia.
    50.    Before you shoot for the moon, make sure that you are among the stars.
    51.    There's always a choice. It might not be the choice you want, but it's still a choice.
    52.    Every solid relationship comes with a benefit that is either mental or physical.
    53.    It's a wonderful life; if you take all of the little bullshit problems out of the equation.
    54.    I have dreamed about the life among the stars and ended up with the life behind the bars.
    55.    ‎Plan for the worst. Hope for the best.
    56.    That's all we are. Just waves in a big ocean.
    57.    It's not life, when you just live.
    58.    Being special is a wonderful thing and the loneliest thing.
    59.    Sometimes you have to make a deal with the devil to find your way to heaven.
    60.    Life is a cruel story, with amazing twists.
    61.    We will fight for our freedom with our very lives, but we will gladly give it away.
    62.    Life is too short for sacrifices.
    63.    If God exists, he is either a tyrant or a creator who give up on his creations.
    64.    Smile! It's not going to kill you.
    65.    Every legend has a beginning, and every beginning has an end.
    66.    It's not a waste of time if you do what you like.
    67.    Humans have been given one of the greatest gift in the universe: imagination. It's too bad they don't use it enough.
    68.    Real friends are a rare commodity.
    69.    People aren't meant to be together forever. We are meant to learn from each other, have fun, experience new things and create new memories. When the time comes; we are meant to let go.
    70.    First we destroy our history; then we try to recover whatever pieces survive.
    71.    Let us not be like others. Let us be like others should be.
    72.    Imagine the things we can accomplish if we look past our differences.
    73.    I have seen the world, and in this world, there is nothing that I have seen.
    74.    Time doesn't heal wounds. It just covers them.
    75.    You are to busy looking for the superman, that you cannot see Clark Kent right next to you.
    76.    There is no plus without minus.
    77.    It a beautiful world and an amazing universe. What a shame that not everyone gets a chance to see it.
    78.    Words can be the most powerful force in the universe, or they can be as hollow as a shell.
    79.    Do not presume that you know someone and do not assume that they want to know you.
    80.    Sometimes the best lie is the truth.
    81.    Life is difficult. It's full of pain, stress, heartache, death, lies, betrayal. But, it's also full of hopes and dreams...
    82.    Those who can talk - control those who can do.
    83.    Living in fear is not living.
    84.    By trying to change our history, we create it.
    85.    Our destiny is written by others.
    86.    If you keep saying someday, it will never be today.
    87.    Sometimes it’s not about what is there, it’s about the possibility of what could be there.
    88.    Life is really simple, but it is in our nature to make it complicated.
    89.    We might look the same, but it does not mean that we are the same.
    90.    Sometimes you know that it's not going to work out, but you still hold on tight and hope.
    91.    Just because I'm nice, doesn't mean that I will not screw you if benefits me.
    92.    Every person needs a code to live by, to fight by, and to die by.
    93.    No matter how far you run, past is always one step behind.
    94.    They bring knives, and you bring guns. They bring bombs, and you bring viruses. There will be no survivors in the end.
    95.    Some traditions need to die, for new ones to be born.
    96.    Sometimes it’s not about the words you say, it’s about the way you say them.
    97.    Beauty is already here, we just need to find a way to see it.
    98.    Once you imagine the impossible; it becomes possible.
    99.    Imaginary things can hurt too.
    100.    Why would you want to live in reality? When fantasy grants you things you most desire.
    101.    May a child in us never die.
    102.    Human history was built with ashes; let’s hope that it doesn't end in ashes.
    103.    Low expectations; great results.
    104.    Not one living thing deserves to live more than another, unless it proves it to be so.
    105.    Ignorance can be bliss.
    106.    Not being bad, don't make you good.
    107.    Sometimes we need to do the wrong things for the right reasons.
    108.    Nature and nurture are equally powerful forces. The only difference is that nature has a head start.
    109.    Wishes of one are not wishes of many. Wishes of many are often become corrupted by wishes of one.
    110.    There is perfection in the imperfection.
    111.    Life is not measured by the number of years we live, but by the number of moments we had.
    112.    No government has the right to interfere with an entity; as long as that entity has no intentions to do harm to other entities.
    113.    Sometimes bad guys are good, and good guys are bad.
    114.    Sometimes the smallest accomplishments have the biggest meaning.
    115.    People closest to us have the most power to hurt us.
    116.    No matter how perfect a copy is it can never be an original. Nevertheless, the copy itself can become an original.
    117.    Sometimes the world needs a monster to keep all other monsters in line.
    118.    Blood makes you related. Loyalty and acceptance makes you family.
    119.    In my time, I was called a madman. In the future, I will become known a visionary.
    120.    Sometimes an eye for an eye is the only way to make things right.
    121.    None of us are perfect. And we don't need to be. We just need to try to be the best versions of ourselves.
    122.    Music is the language of the soul.
    123.    In war there are no winners; only survivors.
    124.    War is overrated. Now, it's time for peace.
    125.    Only by leaving your past behind you can truly start over.
    126.    Black people. White people. Rich people. Poor people. Attractive people. Unattractive people. There is no stop to the categories that divide us. That make us see our differences. That's the problem with the human race. We will never leave a mark in this vast universe unless we start seeing each other as one people. As one living machine that works together for a greater good.

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