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    Remember - (Andriy Z. - AKA - A. Thorne) ©

    I still remember the world from way before
    When the sun was mightier than anything you know
    When the sky was clear
    Clear and blue
    It was beautiful as if it was untrue

    I still remember jasmine flower blooming in the night
    All the fairies coming out to see its hidden light
    I still remember the scent of freshly cut green grass
    That scent, it's not that easy to forget
    On the grass I laid at night
    Thinking that the stars would show me my path in life

    I still remember all the things that I had before
    The train rails on which my friends and I walked home
    What dreams we had
    What goals we had for the unknown
    A family that always waited for me behind the door

    That taste of freshly made apple pie
    No words are able to describe
    The little things in life that made us feel alive

    One by one the years have passed
    Reminding us that nothing ever lasts
    The world has changed, and so must I
    It's time to build new roads
    And for some to leave behind

    For life is swift, and sometimes It can last forever
    It's up to us to find the things that really matter
    That really matter

    Category: Poems | Added by: Syler_91 (13.01.2016) | Author: Andrey E
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