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    Fade Away - (Andriy Z. - AKA - A. Thorne) ©

    They say that time heals all wounds
    But I know that it's just not true
    They say that life is not a game
    But I am losing yet again

    Happiness is a dream that I forgot
    It's the hope that slips away
    It's a light that I have inside
    But the darkness covers it away

    They say that in time I will forget
    But I think that pain is all we ever get
    I can try to push the memories away
    But the pain just finds a way to stay

    If the time supposed to heal all wounds
    Why don't my cuts just fade away
    If I am supposed to smile every day
    Why do I keep praying for the night to come again

    If the time keeps passing by
    And I do not see the hope inside
    Will you really make me stay
    Sometimes there is nothing left to say
    It's just time to fade away
    It's time to fade away

    Category: Poems | Added by: Syler_91 (11.04.2016) | Author: Andrey E
    Views: 60 | Rating: 0.0/0
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